Every year, Youth Speaks presents over 500 hours of free writing and performance workshops to hundreds of teenagers in locations across the Bay Area. A place for artistic and critical growth, the free writing and performance workshops focus on different aspects of writing, from fiction, playwriting, and poetry, to performance, desktop publishing, and poetry slam.Workshops are taught by leading poets, writers, spoken word artists, and cultural activists, and typically run in 5 to 10-week blocks. Each workshop is open to any teen 13 – 19 years old (unless otherwise noted). All workshops are free and no registration is necessary.

Visit http://www.youthspeaks.org for more information!

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    Free writing workshops with some of the greatest poet mentors in the Bay! :D
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    every wednesday | 3:30-5PM at the Berkeley Museum | FREE + open to all 13-19 year old poets living in the greater Bay...
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